Episode 30: "It's never going to turn out the way you expect it to" with Tiffany Han of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes Podcast

I love love love Tiffany's Podcast, Raise Your Hand Say Yes and I was thrilled that she agreed to come on the podcast.  In addition to the podcast, Tiffany is a branding coach for the highly creative woman and general kick-ass woman, lives in the bay area of California with her husband and is mom to twin girls.  She is one of the most inspiring and creative women I know online and I know you will all draw inspiration from her story, her humor and her ability to let go of some difficult experiences during her postpartum year.  

In this episode we chat about:

  • How her mom went to multiple psychics that predicted that she would have twins
  • Managing motherhood as a work-at-home mom
  • Using humor to cope with the chaos of postpartum, especially with twins
  • Starting her podcast when the girls were only 4 months old
  • Showing her girls that it's great to be ambitious, particularly as a woman
  • Staying flexible and open to all experiences in birth, postpartum and parenthood
  • Processing her traumatic birth, "forgiving" her body and being grateful for two big healthy babies. Over 7lbs each for Twins! 
  • Letting ourselves off the hook when things don't go as planned
  • And SO much more.  

Books Mentioned:

This is a great one, guys, enjoy!

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