Episode 12: “Be the YOU that you want your kids to become.” with Lisa Druxman

                                                          Lisa's Weekly Podcast

                                                          Lisa's Weekly Podcast

This week I’m so excited to be chatting with Lisa Druxman!  Lisa is the creator of the incredibly popular Fit4Mom exercise program, which includes Fit 4 Baby, Stroller Strides and their newer Body Back program.  Lisa also created the Motivating Mom Podcast, which I love, to give moms ‘the strength for motherhood.”  In this episode we talk a lot about fitness and health because that’s her specialty, and we also talk about taking time for ourselves as moms.  She has so many wise words and practical advice, and I love what she says about thinking about ‘How do we want this chapter of our stories to read?” New motherhood is such a short flicker in the span of a life, so I think that’s a perfect way to think about it! Enjoy!

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