30 before 30: A List of Goals

Well I’ve been remiss on the blog front lately.  As usual, the holidays have taken over this time of year, and on top of that, I’ve been finishing up my childbirth class series for evaluation for my certification (which I passed last week! Woo!) and something just had to give.  Looking into 2016, I likely will be blogging less just because other things are going to take priority.

But before we get into 2016 I do have some ‘end of the year’ posts planned, starting today with my ’30 Before 30’ list!

I’ve seen so many of these lists floating around the Internet. My friend Katie recently completed hers, so it got me to thinking, what would I like to accomplish in the next 2 years and some change? (I turn 28 in January) Here’s what I came up with. I think it is a pretty balanced list, though the education piece is probably a little bit ambitious.  But do remember, I’m nearly done with both the childbirth educator certification and the lactation educator certification.


1.     Learn to Sew more proficiently (I only know basics)

2.     Learn to Knit (I kind of can crochet…)

3.     Take a Pottery Class (Like the kind with an actual wheel)

4.     Learn to take better photos (I think I may be relying on my friend Elizabeth with this one!)

5.     Learn a new song on the piano just for fun (For as many years as I’ve taught piano, I very, very rarely sit down and just play for myself)

6.     Learn to play some on the guitar (Chris wants to do this too, so maybe we’ll do this together?)

7.     Keep up a project life album of photos each year (I’ve been pretty good about this over the last year, though the last few months have been a little crazy and I need to catch up.  I like her “mini” albums for a more simplistic layout.)

8.     Learn to garden (Chris and I ALWAYS say we are gonna do this every spring…it’s time to actually make it happen)



1.     Visit Las Vegas (April 2016!)

2.     Visit the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Seattle) Probably a 2017 trip…

3.     Go to a MLB game – Seriously, I’ve never been. Even though one of my best friends from high school used to work for the Giants!

4.     Go to a NFL game – Especially now that the 49er stadium is on the Amtrak line!

5.     Take a trip to see Christmas lights in a limo (Marcie, I’m looking at you with this one – we’ve been talking about this forever)



1.     Complete Childbirth Educator Certification (Early 2016)

2.     Complete Lactation Educator Certification (Early 2016)

3.     Complete Doula Certification (2017?)

4.     Complete Yoga Teacher Training….This is a big one…so I’m not sure when… but doing the Zuda assistant program in 2016 for sure!

5.    Take certification for another Zumba Specialty


The Practical:

1.     Learn to drive stick shift – My friend Curt said he’d teach me. 

2.     Make out a Will with Chris – Cause, you know, adulting.

3.     Pay off all of our credit card debt – More adulting!

4.     Learn to cook several meals well – Cause I can’t keep doing mac and cheese when Chris is out of town.

5.     Do consistent volunteering – Sutter Davis! Yoga Assisting! Yay!

6.     Minimize our stuff (ala Marie Kondo) Read the book if you haven’t yet!



1.     Publish a Book – (Working on going through submissions for The Postpartum Year!)

2.     Get a Tattoo – Planning this for my 28th birthday next month

3.    Keep up my Podcast.

4.    Keep up my Meditation Practice.

5.     Regularly Journal (besides my One Line a Day and 5-minute Journal everyday ones)

6.    Write a letter to myself to open in 5 years


Do you have any big birthdays coming up with goals you’d like to complete? :)

Look for a Book Recap, 2015 recap and 2016 goals coming in the next week or so!

Happy Holidays to All!