Episode 36: The Power of Podcast and Social Media and New Motherhood with Bryn Huntpalmer of The Birth Hour Podcast

Today I am excited to welcome blogger and fellow podcaster Bryn Huntpalmer.  She is mom to two kiddos, blogs at With Her Own Wings, is a senior content manager for Modernize.com AND is the creator and host of the Birth Hour Podcast. I enjoyed sharing my daughter’s birth story on her podcast at the end of 2015.  In her episode we talk about:

·      Her first postpartum year while her and her husband were in grad and law school

·      Interviewing for a job at 3 weeks postpartum

·      How the strength from her birth allowed her to have a kickass interview

·      Breastfeeding challenges

·      How she got started with the Birth Hour Podcast

·      Hormones!

·      Reaching out to your friends who are new moms, even if they aren’t close friends

·      #TakeBackPostpartum, #VariationsofNormal, #StopCensoringMotherhood on Instagram

You can learn more about her podcast at The Birth Hour.  To hear the episodes where she talks about her kids/ birth stories, go here and here.   If you want to hear me talk about my daughter's birth story on her show, go here. 

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