Episode 68: "Once You've Had a Baby, You're Always Postpartum" with Samantha Montpetit-Huynh of Bellies Inc.

Today I had a wonderful conversation with Samantha Montpetit-Huynh. She is the mother of two beautiful girls, a certified pre and postnatal exercise specialist with over 15 years experience and the co-founder of Bellies Inc., the creators of the AB Tank Complete System, the most comprehensive, holistic system that combines restorative exercises and abdominal wrapping to help women build core confidence from pregnancy through motherhood.

In her episode we chat about:

  • The myomectomy she had in her 20s and how that affected her births
  • Learning that she could have had a VBAC with her second if she'd know and how she processed that experience
  • Her work with diastases recti and pelvic flood disfunction
  • How we force moms back into regular life and exercise RIGHT after birth
  • The need for a pelvic floor physical therapist
  • How our bodies will never be the same as they were pre-baby
  • What services Bellies Inc offers both for prenatal and postpartum
  • How France does postpartum pelvic floor therapy differently
  • Painful Sex after birth is common but not normal
  • The increase in prolapse in younger women because they are rushing back into fitness without restorative exercise
  • Tips for supporting your body both during pregnancy and postpartum, including their Core Confidence Program.
  • Her own hysterectomy and how she rehabbed her core after that
  • and more!

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