Episode 56: "No one is making choices AT you" & The Importance of Self Care with Amy & Dawn Moy

Today I had so much fun chatting with my friend Amy Moy and her wife Dawn.  Amy and Dawn have known each other for 14 years, been together for 10, were first married in 2010, not recognized then by the state, and then again legally in 2013.  They welcomed their daughter in 2012.  Amy, is a birth doula, childbirth educator and placenta specialist here in the Sacramento area. Check out River Bend Birth Services! After the birth of their daughter with a doula by their side, she realized her passion and dove into birth work, believing that every family deserves to experience the kind of compassionate and continuous care that a doula provides. This year, Amy also created Q-Village Birth Associates, a skilled and dedicated group of LGBTQ-identified birth professionals serving families here in Sacramento. Dawn, grew up in San Diego, graduated with a criminal justice degree from Cal State Hayward, and has worked in the field of loss prevention since 2008. She has played semi-professional women's baseball over the years and her biggest claim to fame was playing in the first 24-hour baseball game in history - it was an AIDS fundraiser. 

In their episode we talk about:

  • How Dawn carried their baby, Veronica, while Amy was a Stay-at-Home mom
  • The challenges of conceiving and being able to switch which partner they tried with
  • As a butch, how Dawn struggled with maternity clothes
  • The inappropriate questions people ask surrounding pregnancy and concieving
  • Their Home Birth experience
  • The importance of well-rounded childbirth education with realistic expectations
  • Doulas, Placenta Capsules and more!
  • Finding - or building - your own community
  • Deciding to use a known donor when conceiving their daughter
  • Amy's challenge of being the stay-at-home parent while the nursing parent was at work
  • The importance of taking some time away when you need it
  • Dawn talks about nursing in a loss prevention job where finding time to pump was hard
  • Push back from family on birth, postpartum and parenting
  • Trusting your instincts

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