Episode 58: Vaginal Breech Birth, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Doing the Best We Can with Lisa Chin of The Fourth Trimester Summit

Today I chatted with Lisa Chin. Lisa is a holistic mama to a happy two year old girl. Motherhood has profoundly changed who she is, how she sees the world and the mark she wants to leave. She seeks to live an inspired life of mothering, writing, and pursuing what calls to be created. When she's not wrangling spreadsheets or her toddler, she can be found writing for her blog, Lisa for Real, where she share her thoughts on fierce femininity, eureka moments and lessons in self-awareness. Her latest project is the Fourth Trimester Summit where Lisa interviews over 40 experts in women's health, infant development and mental health who share their knowledge so new moms can create their ideal postpartum experience. 

In her episode we talk about:

  • How motherhood is the best therapy
  • Changing careers mid-pregnancy
  • How she decided to create the Fourth Trimester Summit
  • How her water broke just after the only time she meditated her whole pregnancy
  • Her surprise Breech Vaginal Birth!
  • The Importance of having a Birth Plan but also being flexible. It's all about knowledge.
  • Developing a new partner dynamic after baby arrives
  • Therapy as a preventative measure
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the postpartum period
  • Focus on the Mom, Not the Baby!
  • We are all doing the best what we can with the knowledge that we have!

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