Episode 35: “Lessons of Labor, how birth translates into life lessons.” With Julia Aziz

Today I got to chat with Julia Aziz. Julia is the mother of three children and author of Lessons of Labor: One Woman's Self-Discovery Through Birth and Motherhood. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a hospice spiritual counselor, Julia leads private classes and silent retreats exploring the bigger questions of self and purpose. Before having children, Julia worked as a counselor for youth, adults, couples, and families. She has facilitated a personal growth group for teens, silent retreats for midwives and doulas, and a mindfulness group for new mothers. 

I so enjoyed chatting with her in depth about her birth and postpartum stories!

Just a few of the things we chat about: 
-    How birth is a metaphor for what we need to learn as parents
-    Her vivid descriptions of her kids’ birth stories
-    How a 30 day challenge ted talk inspired her to start her book
-    How she learned to let go of control when it comes to parenting, and how labor taught her that. 
-    Looking for the spaces in between the pain – in labor and in life
-    The best advice is to not take any advice too seriously
-    Love is expansive, not exclusive

Here is some praise from the one and only Penny Simkin about Julia’s Book:

“From her own unique and varied childbearing experiences, Julia Aziz learned much beyond what labor and birth can be like; she guides us through her musings on the lessons gained from her labors–about life as a woman, life partner, mother, and human being. This engaging book, told in her personable style and warm voice, relates how she was transformed, and her pithy wisdom helps us see how we also may be transformed by life’s unpredictable adventures.”
–Penny Simkin, author of The Birth Partner, co-founder of DONA International

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