Episode 22: "Find Your Tribe" with Catharine Bramkamp

Today I chat with Catharine Bramkamp.  Catharine is an author, college professor, writing coach and podcast host of The Newbie Writers Podcast. She is also mom to two grown boys.  Catharine and I met several years ago at the San Francisco Writer's Conference. She's hilarious and witty and I loved getting to chat with her about her postpartum stories - especially because she has the great benefit of perspective on those early years now that her boys are grown. We chat about:

  • The benefits of having mom friends close by, within walking distance
  • The benefits of having kids close together in age - hers are 16 months apart
  • The great benefit of building your tribe, it doesn't have to be family, it can be anyone who is supportive!
  • The real challenge but importance of staying in the moment with our babies while they are little. 
  • And finally - why we need to stay away from Dr. Google!

I know you will enjoy her interview, and be sure to check out Catharine's website here.

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