Episode 33: "Parenting is like Super Mario and Rolling with the Punches" with Brian Salmon, aka Brian the Birth Guy

Today I had a blast chatting with Brian Salmon, also known as Brian the Birth Guy. Brian is a childbirth educator, lactation counselor and San Antonio’s only practicing male birth doula.  I so enjoyed hearing his perspective as a dad, doula and birth enthusiast!

Brian is hilarious, passionate and kind. We talked about so many different things, but here are the highlights:

  • Compassionate use of pain meds, pain versus suffering
  • His “Rocking Dads” Birth Education Program and how dads go from “Dude to Dad”
  • What brought him to birth work
  • How it was being a single dad during the postpartum period with his second daughter
  • The importance of a solid foundation in your relationship before baby comes
  • His candid thoughts about the struggle of a breakup while having young kids
  • The movie that I couldn’t think of during the show was called Friends With Kids from 2011
  • Real talk about anxiety and mental health
  • Kristen Brunner of Baby Proofed Parents who was my Episode 29 guest
  • The Sutter Davis Volunteer Doula Program (which just opened applications for Spring!)
  • Mama Sherpas Documentary
  • The Heads Up Vaginal Breech Birth Documentary
  • Family Centered Caesareans
  • And More!

You can find more information about Brian on his website, you can follow him on Facebook and on Periscope.


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