Episode 44: "This is impossibly hard, and you actually ARE doing a really good job" with Biz Ellis of One Bad Mother

Today I was SO excited to chat with Biz Ellis, one half of the comedy parenting podcast One Bad Mother.  I've mentioned on the show many times how OBM was my "gateway" podcast that really helped me get through my daughter's first year and part of what led me to start this podcast as another way to help and support new moms.  So naturally, I was thrilled when Biz (and Theresa who will be on next week) agreed to come on as guests!  *Apologies for the strange clicking sound my microphone was making for part of the interview!

We talked about so many things in this episode, and I could barely stop laughing through most of it, but here are some highlights. Biz and I talk about:

  • How our birth experiences really do matter
  • How she went from a 60 hour work week to being a stay-at-home mom
  • How our kids are not the same, as much as we would like them to be
  • We need doulas for everything!
  • We are doing moms a disservice if we don't tell them breastfeeding can often be challenging in the beginning
  • If you're bringing a new mom food - put the food close to her! So that she can actually reach it!

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The one song that would soothe baby Ellis was The Fall of Charleston

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