Episode 24: “Being a Careful Observer: Listen More & Talk Less” with Carmen Oates, Doula

Today’s episode is with Carmen Oates.  Carmen is a DONA, Rebozo and Hypnobabies certified birth doula and mom to 3 living children and one angel baby. When Carmen was featured in this issue of Kidaround Magazine I knew I wanted to share her story with you all.  

Carmen tells the story of how she lost her first baby during labor.  Her first child had a chromosome disorder – trisomy 18.  Her perspective of this experience is so heartbreaking and beautiful and she gives some great advice about how to deal with pregnancy and infant loss and to support someone who may be going through it.  A great local organization she mentioned for support is Sharing Parents. 

We also talked about:

·      The transition of meeting the needs of two little ones when the second baby came around, including tandem nursing.

·      The benefits of having a large age gap between her two oldest and her youngest baby

·      Trusting yourself when it comes to parenting, birth and everything in between

·      The Nicaraguan tradition of “Cuarentena” or 40 days rest after a new baby is born.

·      How “shoulds” are evil.

·      How to manage our lives less and really live them more.

·      The importance of listening to all new moms, including those who have had losses.

You can find out more about Carmen at her website here


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