2015 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Well this is a little later than I would normally be posting my fall capsule wardrobe, but that’s because it took until November for Sacramento to even come close to cooling down enough to actually consider it Fall.  Sheesh.  Hallelujah for cool weather!

Normally this would be Oct-Dec’s capsule, but I was literally still wearing sun dresses and flip flops in October, so this will likely be Nov into January’s capsule.

This capsule is a tad larger than some of my other ones – 52 items, NOT including boots and scarves or heavier outerwear.

Here’s the breakdown of items:

10 Shirts

6 Skirts

5 Pair Leggings

1 Pair Jeans

14 Dresses

16 Jackets/Sweaters

And here are the pictures of the items along with where they came from. An * indicates this item is new for this season. The rest are rolled over from previous seasons.


Clothing Swap* | Target* | TJ Maxx | Clothing Swap | Thred Up | Thred Up | Ross | Ross | Clothing Swap | Target*

TJ Maxx | H&M | Clothing Swap | Stitch Fix* | Clothing Swap* | Ross* 

Motherhood Maternity (Yes I still wear maternity leggings sometimes because they are sooo comfy. | Target* | JCP/Ross/Ross

Clothing Swap* | Stitch Fix | Thred Up* | Clothing Swap | Ross | Clothing Swap | Thred Up *| Thred Up | Thred Up * | Thred Up* | Clothing Swap | Target | Ross | Clothing Swap

Ross | Clothing Swap | Target | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap* | Target* | Thred Up | Boutique in Truckee* | Ross* | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Ross

As always a whole lot of Clothing Swap, Target, & Thred Up.  If you use my Thred Up or Stitch Fix links you get a discount and I get a credit.  Win-win. :)