More Podcasts Favs

So at the beginning of the year I did a round up of my favorite podcasts right when I launched my podcast.  One Bad Mother, Totally Mommy, Totally Married, The Lively Show, The One You Feed, Sarah R Bagley, Highly Sensitive Person, Serial, Elise Gets Crafty and Girls Next Door remain 10 of my favorites, but over the course of the year I’ve discovered some really awesome new shows that I wanted to share with you guys.

Some people ask me how it’s possible I listen to SO many podcasts – my answer is this:

1) I drive to my piano students houses each week so I have specific podcasts for each of those commutes – Totally Married Mondays, Totally Mommy Wednesdays and The Lively Show Thursdays.  These are the ones I listen to driving to those students’ houses EVERY week.  I look forward to it, so it makes the drives a little bit better. 

2) I listen while I’m getting ready in the morning, and/or while we are eating breakfast. Depends if Chris is home or not or if we have a new one of the few podcasts we listen to together. (This American Life, Undisclosed)

3) I listen whenever I am in the car, piano teaching or not. Errands, visits to friends houses. I can't even remember the last time I listened to the regular radio. It's either podcasts, or Zumba music so I can go over routines in my head.

4) I listen sometimes when we are just hanging out playing with Clare, or cleaning.  Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your mind engaged without having the distraction of a screen on TV.  (For yourself and your kids!)

So here are 11 of my favorite new ones that I’ve started listening to in the last 6 months. (If you’re keeping count folks, that’s 21 podcasts – and that’s not even all of the ones I listen to! However, some are only biweekly (Like mine) and a few are just monthly shows.)

  • Creating Your Own Path - I think I had heard about this one on a different podcast, and as a creative person myself and someone who has followed a pretty unconventional career path, I love this one. Not to mention, she is also a local Sacramento dweller.  Recommended for those who are in creative careers or hoping to transition to one. 
  • After Buzz TV - After stumbling on several podcasts dedicated to Gilmore Girls, I thought I'd check to see if there were other shows that did "recaps" of tv shows. I really enjoyed listening to the After Buzz shows for Wayward Pines, True Detective and Orange is the New Black this summer, and I imagine I'll be checking out the ones for all of my fall shows when they come back next month.  Recommend for anyone who loves chatting about their favorite TV shows.
  • Criminal - This is one of the monthly ones.  Each episode follows a different and unique crime.  I think it was recommended based on if you liked Serial. It's interesting. Not as good as Serial, but still good.
  • The Truth - Another one that I heard about on another podcast at some point.  This one is cool because it's more like radio drama plays with actors acting it out and they tend to have some twist to the story.  Recommend if you like Twilight Zones, Audio Books and Plays. (They're nice and short too)
  • Start Up - Another one of the big ones last year that a lot of people listened to.  Basically it's a behind the scenes look at the starting of a business.  They've done two seasons so far and I've really liked them both.  Recommend if you like This American Life, Serial and other podcasts produced in that style.
  • Sawbones - This one is on the Maximum Fun network that One Bad Mother is also on.  They are a husband and wife, where the wife is a doctor and they talk about medical history.  Interesting and funny.  Recommend if you are curious about medical procedures throughout history and want a good laugh.
  • Motivating Mom - Lisa Druxman founded Stroller Strides and Fit 4 Mom. I also had her on my podcast a few episodes back. I love her show because it's always informative, motivating, and useful.  Plus her shows are short, and I really appreciate having a variety of lengths in the podcasts I listen to.
  • Dear Sugar - I love love LOVED Tiny Beautiful Things. This is basically the advice column "Dear Sugar" that Tiny Beautiful Things was based off of turned into a radio show.  Love it! Recommend if you like Cheryl Strayed, enjoy the questions format of Totally Married/Totally Mommy, and of course if you loved Tiny Beautiful Things. 
  • Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin - Alec Baldwin interviews all sorts of interesting people biweekly, actors, directors, musicians, all kinds of people.  Plus, who has a better radio voice than Alec Baldwin?  Recommend if you like pop culture, and hearing about interesting people in that realm. 
  • Spilled Milk - I tried this one on a whim when I heard Molly interviewed on Creating Your Own Path (see above) and I really like it!  Her and her friend Mathew tackle a different food or drink every week, talk about what memories they have of said food, and do a taste test of difference versions.  It's short and hilarious. Recommend if you need a laugh and like food. 
  • Matrimoney - my internet/blogger/podcaster friend Kelsey just started this one with her husband.  They talk about money and how it relates to their relationship and family.  I have really enjoyed listening to her on The Girls Next Door Podcast, so I have enjoyed adding more Kelsey to my podcast lineup!

Have you listened to any new or new-to-you podcasts lately?  Do share. I'm always adding new ones!