2nd Quarter 2015 Goal Check-In

We are officially halfway through 2015, how crazy is that?  Most days it feels like it is going so fast.  Though, I have to say when it’s 109 degrees here in Sac, summer feels very slow and I can’t wait to get to Fall. Like really can’t wait.

But since we are halfway through the year, I think it’s time for another check-in on how things are going with my 2015 goals.  So here we go:

Meditate Everyday – This second quarter went even better than the first. I only missed 5 days of meditation in 3 months.  Pretty excellent!  I think the best thing I have done with this goal is ‘never miss more than one day.’ The days where I did miss, I doubled my efforts to make sure I did it the next day.

Keep the 5-Minute Journal Daily – I still really love this journal, and use it on most days. Though I think it’s more of a 5-6 day a week thing rather than all 7.

New Recipes each pay period – We still haven’t been doing great with this one.  Clare can be really picky, and I am not good at cooking, so when Chris is gone, cooking just really falls by the wayside.  I am publicly accounting to those of you here that I am going to try and redouble my efforts on this one during the second half of the year.

Monthly Date with Chris – I can’t say we’ve been real great about this. I think we went out to dinner a few times in the last couple months.  We really need to get these on the calendar for the rest of the year.  The hard thing is his relief day keeps changing, so trying to plan has been near impossible…but it needs to happen. And more than just going out to eat…actually trying something new. We are thinking an afternoon water park date in July!

Read 25 Books – I am killing it with this goal this year! I have really made reading a priority, and I have already read 18 books.  5 were audio books, but the rest were actual books. (Look for May and June Book Reviews next week)

Learn to Sew a Quilt – I am hopefully going to take a class for this in July. 

Podcast – Produce 25 episodes in 2015.  Looking good for this – next week Episode 14 goes live.  Debating whether 2016 will have weekly podcasts or whether I’ll stick with twice per month.

Childbirth Educator Coursework – My original plan was to do my evaluated series in early 2016, but thanks to some pregnant friends, I have a new goal of doing it in the late fall 2015!

Running Couch-to-5K – Did this in March. The exercise front has been pretty good these days, teaching zumba twice a week, playing softball again, and making it to Body Pump at least once each week.  I’d like to be more consistent with Yoga and Body Pump though.

Not too bad!  

How are your 2015 goals coming?