Episode 26: "Healing from Birth Trauma with Hypnotherapy" with Michelle Lockett, Hypnotherapist & Doula

Today I chat with doula, certified hypnotherapist, hypnodoula, and hypnobabies instructor Michelle Lockett. Michelle is also a mom to two and part of our local doula collective Capital City Doulas as well.  Her energy is so calming and supportive, I think you will really enjoy this one!

In the episode we chat about:

  • How her healing second birth led her into birth work.
  • The dire importance of rallying support after you have a baby.
  • Processing our fear surrounding birth and parenthood.
  • What a hypnotherapy session looks like
  • Having a fund at your baby shower for a postpartum doula or birth doula instead of getting more baby stuff.
  • How the whole first year of your baby's life is when you are giving birth to yourself as a mother.

The blog post I mentioned about a moms group for moms who don't want to talk about being moms can be found here.

Locally, I mentioned Midtown Lactation Consultants and you can find them here

You can find out more about Michelle's Doula and Hypnotherapy Services and classes here.

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