Episode 67: "There is no Always or Never - Listen to Your Baby" with Batya Sherizen, AKA Batya the Baby Coach

Today I enjoyed chatting with Batya Sherizen, AKA Batya the Baby Coach.  Batya is mom to 5 kids, and a child sleep expert.  She has been helping parents help their babies sleep for over a decade.  She offers one-on-one coaching - no matter where you are in the world! - free trainings and has even created a free gentle guide to baby sleep that you can find here: http://batyathebabycoach.com/postpartumpodcast

In her episode we chat about:

  • Parenting 5 children!
  • Living in Israel for most of her postpartum periods
  • How she became a Child Sleep Coach
  • The midwifery model of care in Jerusalem 
  • The importance of listening to your own body during pregnancy
  • How her fourth baby turned footling breech during labor and ended in C-Section
  • Her top tips for infant sleep issues and parents facing sleep deprivation
  • And More!

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