Episode 79: "Making it through the 'ring of fire,' going light, and being generous with ourselves." with Rebecca Egbert of The Mother Love


Today I SO enjoyed chatting with Rebecca Egbert. Rebecca was a practicing midwife for nearly 10 years and is now the Founder and CEO of The Mother Love, a company building inclusive technology and connected communities to improve women’s health. Often told she has the energy of 7 people, hard work is part of her cellular body. After starting many businesses, she committed deeply to her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit deciding to take a giant leap away from clinical care, into the health education and tech world. With a hint of intuition and playful communication, Rebecca and her team create fun, accessible and actionable self-care tools that are designed to be used, most importantly, and shared to grow healthy women, strong families, and create connected communities. She loves her people and places deeply, and does a lot of things that might make you think she’s nuts in her little spare time. I so appreciated her real and honest approach and I know you will love this episode!

In her episode, we chat about:

  • Her interest in healthcare at a young age
  • How she saw a hole in the postpartum care arena from her experience as a midwife
  • How she chose to become a CPM instead of a CNM
  • How she transitioned from a practicing midwife to an entrepreneur 
  • Her research into what postpartum women most need
  • How Little Mother's Helper came to be
  • The importance of women supporting other women
  • The importance of nurturing your relationship with your partner before birth
  • The break and space needed after the baby is born - limit your visitors!
  • How this year was the year of "slowing down" for a lot of people
  • What's next for The Mother Love...venture capitalists and more!
  • And SO many other wonderful things!

Be sure to check out Little Mother's Helper here!

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