Episode 42: "Not every day is going to be your best day." Music Therapy for Childbirth and Postpartum with Kate Taylor

Today it was so fun to chat with Kate Taylor, music therapist and birth doula and owner of Creative Childbirth Concepts. I was fascinated with how Kate used her music therapy background to provide support for family's in her work as a doula, and I think you will find this information so interesting and helpful.  We talked about so many different things but here are some highlights:

  • How music can be incorporated into not only your birth but your postpartum experiences as well
  • How music is used during a birth
  • Helpful tips for choosing your birth playlist
  • How to find a music therapist for your birth
  • How she incorporated music into both of her birth experiences and how it also helped her deal with jaundice and her daughter having to stay at the hospital after she was discharged
  • How to choose the best lullaby based on baby's brain development (so many things I hadn't thought of!)
  • The importance of doulas! (a common topic on this show)
  • Love Languages for helping out in postpartum

Learn more about Music Therapy for Childbirth and Kate here. 

The article I mentioned about Empathy Burn Out.

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