Episode 62: "Don't put timeframes on your OWN Postpartum healing" with Kimberly Johnson of Magamama

Today was such a great conversation with Kimberly Johnson of Magamama.  I had heard Kimberly speak on another podcast and I loved her shared passion for helping and supporting new moms, so I knew I had to have her on!  Kimberly is a yogini nomad, bodyworker, doula, postpartum women’s health specialist, and single mom to 8 year old, Cecilia. She is the creator of Magamama. Magamama is a community and resource hub for new moms who want natural, empowering solutions to the physical pain and emotional madness that can accompany childbirth.  In her episode we chat about:

  • Her experience giving birth to her daughter in Rio de janeiro
  • Her experience with a severe birth injury and how hard it was to find the help she needed
  • How she traveled the world to find out how other cultures approached postpartum
  • The meaning of "Magamama"
  • How we need to flip the script on the idea of women having "low libido" 
  • How we as women never seem to put ourselves first
  • How trauma is "too big of an experience for your nervous system to digest"
  • The importance of a Postpartum Plan
  • How to find practitioners that specialize in this sort of postpartum recovery help. Check out Bellies Inc, Wild Feminine.
  • The Closing of the Bones ceremony within Mexican culture
  • And more!

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