Episode 43: "You Can Take The Cape Off" with Ron Malott of Design Daddy and The Baby Team

Today was a really fun show! I got to chat with Ron Malott of Design Daddy and part of "The Baby Team" with Brian Salmon and Kirsten Brunner

Ron and his partner Mike ended up adopting two infants, a girl and a boy, who were 6 months apart and we chat about how difficult that transition was for them as a couple, and how they decided to sell their LA home within a month and move back to Austin to simplify their lives.  We also chat about how they took care of his mom during her last few years of life while raising their newborns. 

We talked about so many different things but some of the highlights were:

  • The importance of keeping your relationship strong through these early years
  • Being near supportive family and friends when raising your kids
  • A common theme for the show - finding community
  • The adoption agency they used: "The Independent Adoption Agency" and why they chose to do open adoption
  • The importance of finding 'me' time
  • How you get the kids you are meant to parent
  • The universality of parenthood

Thank you again, Ron!  It was so wonderful to talk with you.  You can learn more about Ron on his website at The Design Daddy on Facebook.

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