Episode 19: On being an empowered single mom with Danielle Corrales

Today I chat with Danielle Corrales. Danielle is single mom to one 4 year old boy, Joah and works full time in mortgage banking.  Danielle found the podcast via the social media grapevine and reached out to me to be on the show (which yay - please keep doing that!) And I'm so glad she did.  Not only is her story unique, but she's local here in Sacramento where I'm based and we've even been able to meet up in person for a playdate since the recording.  

In the episode we talk about what it was like for her to go through pregnancy and postpartum as a single mom, how going to school full-time and caring for Joah actually turned out to be 'the best of both worlds, and how amazing it sometimes can be when you get to create an unconventional family for your kiddo.  Danielle shares how even though her birth didn't go to her "plan" she still felt empowered and educated.  She wants to stress to new moms that every baby is unique and every mama is unique and every story is unique.  Things we all need to remember!

We also mentioned the super helpful Happiest Baby on the Block book and DVD.


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