Episode 53: “Learning to Receive Support” – Postpartum Psychosis with Lisa Abramson

Today I so enjoyed chatting with Lisa Abramson. Lisa is an entrepreneur, speaker, executive coach and maternal mental health advocate. She co-founded Mindfulness Based Achievement, the New MBA, which teaches high potential women leaders how to create sustainable success. The New MBA has been taught to thousands of women, and at Google, Cisco, Salesforce, Mattel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, The Stanford Graduate School of Business and many other organizations. 

Abramson has given a Tedx talk on her experience with Postpartum Psychosis and Depression and been featured in Fast Company, sharing 5 Ways To Lean In Without Burning OutLisa was recently honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide by EBW.

Over 12,000 people have taken part in Mindfulness Based Achievement’s free 10 Day Meditation Challenge. Lisa graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and lives in Menlo Park, California with her husband and daughter.

In her episode we talk about:

·      Postpartum Psychosis

·      Wondering if postpartum mood disorders can correlate with Type A personalities

·      Knowing that it can really truly happen to anyone, it’s rare, but it happens

·      Starting a company right when she got pregnant

·      Pain versus suffering in labor

·      The delusions and suicidal thoughts that can happen during postpartum psychosis

·      How she thought her husband was taking her to the hospital and she thought he was taking her to jail

·      Her outpatient clinic experience meeting other people who’ve gone through the same thing

·      The importance of reveling in the little stuff

·      The importance of protecting your sleep

Check out her company Mindfulness Based Achievement.

Be sure to check out her Tedx Talk also, here.

Also, here is the Brene Brown Ted Talk we mentioned.


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