Episode 16: “No matter how you’re feeling, it’s normal” with Rachel Rambach of Guitars and Granola Bars

Today I chat with the lovely, jack of many trades Rachel Rambach. She is a board certified music therapist, singer, songwriter, educator, blogger, podcaster and now – a mom of TWO!  Her daughter, Mia, was born at the end of May after we recorded this podcast.

We chat about:

·      The unique challenges of maternity leave when you work for yourself and own a business, and working as a music therapist in the afternoons.

·      Sleep Deprivation

·      Dealing with an incredibly quick first labor and how that shaped her view and expectations for her second labor

·      What a music therapist does. (So cool!)

·      How pregnancy is different the second time around with a toddler running around

·      And a whole lot more!

It was so wonderful talking with Rachel – if you want to learn more about her, check out her podcast, Guitars & Granola Bars, her Blog, and her private music therapy practice.  You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter

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Look for a SPECIAL Mini-Episode next week with an exciting announcement! 

Happy August!