Best Things I Read This Summer

So I don't think I'll ever quite get it together enough to share links on a weekly basis like many bloggers do,  but perhaps eventually monthly will happen? Instead, here are the best articles and blogs I read over the course of the summer.  Fitting since Labor Day weekend tends to mark the actual 'start' of fall, no?

Honestly, I think that is one of the best parts of the internet. Being able to share our stories and have someone else resonate with them in some way.

Some of these I shared with just friends, some on Facebook. Some not at all.  They're all great though!

 8 reasons I'm not weaning my 14 month old anytime soon.  Yep, Clare's 18 months. Totally agree.

As someone who used to work with autistic kiddos, this one was so sweet and really hit home.

Interesting npr article about why indigenous cultures don't have back pain. 

This weaning story reminds me of the hormonal upheaval I experienced going off the pill.

I really want to instill this kind of body positivity in Clare. It's so hard. 

Since meditation has been my big daily habit/goal this year, this is SO true.

Breast milk is freaking amazing. 

20 mom things I wish I'd done more of. Such a good reminder for those of us in the thick of it. 

And two of my most favorites:

When did we start trusting experts over our own eyeballs. This. All of this.  Thank you, Janelle. Can we be friends please? :) 

Dear Moms whose partners work long hours.  Oh Man, this.  It's crazy how someone with a husband starting his medical residency can be so similar to that of an amtrak engineer's wife. This will have to be a post I go back and read again and again. Taking comfort that other people 'get' our unpredictable lifestyle. 

What great posts did you read this summer? Hopefully I'll be back in October with just the best things I read in September. :)