September Favorite Bits Around the Web

I read so many blogs and articles in any given week.  Whether they are blogs I have in my feedly list or links that people share on social. There's always so many.  But some really stick out or strike a chord in a specific way. Here are some of the great things I read in September. 

Zen Habits always inspires me to be more focused and intentional, and I love this about How to NOT do it all. 

I am totally guilty of at times being the person on the phone, but I am trying so hard to be better about this.  Alexandra always gets right to the heart of the point. 

I'm often asked how, given the insanity of my daily & weekly schedules do I find the time to read - so I particularly enjoyed this Fast Company article about how busy people make time to read.  Really, it's possible if you make it a priority. I promise. Also this one about "reading and neglecting your family" is great too. Sarcastic title, but same point. Priorities. 

This resonated so much.  I am SO guilty of being achievement based, and not solely doing something for the pure Joy of it.  Really need to be better at this. Why you need a true hobby and not just a side hustle.  

Really interesting article about why much of the Gen Y/ Millennial generation is unhappy.  I am thankful that I have somewhat of the opposite problem.  I have a hard time being confident in my worth - but I can definitely see how this 'specialness' is rampant and apparent in much of the Millennial generation.  Generational stuff has always fascinated me.  I am uncharacteristic in that I am Millennial with older Baby Boomer parents.  My dad is nearly in the generation pre-baby boomer.  Whereas, the majority of millennials were raised by Gen X and very young baby boomer parents (which my dad would say aren't really baby boomers at all, ha.)  I do think that makes a difference, or at least it did for me. 

I am pretty sure I often experience all of these seasons of motherhood on a weekly basis. 

Yes! The research Dr. James McKenna has done on cosleeping is amazing and this new concept of "Breastsleeping" so scientifically makes sense. 

What kinds of good stuff have you read lately?