100 Days Project : Presence and Positivity

The internets seem filled with these lately. So why do I feel the need to take on a 100 days project? Why add one more thing to my everyday to dos?

I’m goal-oriented. I’m achievement-oriented.  I like check lists.  I did the 100 days of Happy project last year, and it forced me to specifically focus on one thing that made me happy every day during those 100 days. I like having something to focus on.

Here are the things I wanted to think about when deciding on a project:

·      I wanted it to be broad enough that I will actually do it everyday

·      I wanted it to be something that might inspire others who follow me when they see these posts.

·      I wanted it to include words and photos

·      I wanted to start it now, early summer so that it ends just around the fall equinox.  Because I really dislike summer and heat, this seemed like a good time to infuse a little bit of extra inspiration into a time that it’s typically hard for me to find positive.  Some people get depressed in the winter. I tend to get depressed in the summer. I hate the heat, I hate sweating. I feel cooped up in stale air-conditioned buildings. I'm irritable. I don’t think I could count the number of blogs or social media posts I’ve written about this.  Fall, on the other hand, I have no problem being inspired, excited or finding happy things.  So in essence, part of this project is to help me get through the summer with my sanity intact.

So what is my project going to be?  It’s going to be one thing everyday, posted on instagram, that is either something positive – a quote, lyric, note, picture, etc or something, likely a photo, expressing a time that day where I felt particularly present.  If you will remember, my word for 2015 was ‘presence,’ and this feels like one more way to embody that.  Some may argue that posting on social media negates the whole idea of being presence.  But, I say not so.  It makes me accountable to actually taking the time each day to find that one thing and drawing my own attention to it. 

Follow along at the hashtag #positivepresence100 on Instagram.