SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED.  Thank you to all who sent in a story. Decisions have been emailed as of March 2016.

More information to come soon!

Call for Submissions

A good postpartum doula friend once told me “We prepare SO much for the birth of a child, but put so little time into preparing for postpartum. It’s like prepping for a wedding without preparing for the actual marriage!”  The postpartum year is one of such fundamental change in a new mom’s life, and one that is given so little thought in our modern society.  This anthology is to bring to light this special, joyful and at times excruciatingly hard time by sharing our stories and experiences to bring comfort and let each new mom who reads it know that she is not alone.


·       Word Count: 500-3500 words embedded into the body of your email.

·      Deadline:  Submissions Close December 1st, 2015 Submissions will be read after the holidays and decisions will be made in early 2016.

·      Rights:  Looking for previously unpublished (unless on your own blog) essays, first world rights with exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which publisher retains non-exclusive rights to continue publishing for the life of the anthology.

·      Payment: While it’s difficult to assess what sales will look like for a project like this, it is planned to compensate contributors with a pay ceiling of $50 per piece after the book recoups initial expenses. You will also receive one paperback copy of the final book. More details will be provided if accepted.

·      Content: Seeking well-crafted personal essays of prose relating to your first year of motherhood. See below for possible topics. Please submit essays with a strong narrative style and voice with details that make you feel like you are ‘there’ with the narrator.

·      Bio: Please include a short bio of 50-100 words with your submission

·      Query: If you would like to query before sending your full essay, please feel free to send a query email with the essence of your story ahead of time to see if it fits with the planned content of the anthology.

·      Submit to: Kellie Edson at the email: postpartumyear at, with submission embedded into the body of your email, not attached.

Postpartum topics we are particularly interested in receiving stories relevant to include:

-       Your Birth Story – looking for stories of both triumph and trauma

-       Breastfeeding – everything that goes along with it

-       Isolation

-       Prenatal and Postpartum Mental Health

-       How your identity shifted when you became a mom

-       How your relationship with your partner changed in that first year

-       Your experience with finding & keeping or losing mom friends (and non-mom friends)

About the editor:

Kellie Edson is an(almost) certified childbirth educator through the International Childbirth Education Association. She hosts the bi-weekly podcast “The Postpartum Podcast” where she interviews both birth professionals and moms about their postpartum stories.  Her eclectic background includes creative writing, music, publishing, editing, marketing and now childbirth education and she believes that the postpartum year is a particularly underrepresented time in a woman’s life and hopes that by sharing our stories through the podcast and this anthology we are able to give this important and special time more significance, reverence and support.